A Wedding Without Tears


Welcome to Romans 12:12!  Let's be encouragement for each others' marriages and vehicles for God's message!  Here you will find articles about marriage, freebies, and books for purchase.



24 hours in a day?  What was God thinking??? That’s not enough time to do ANYTHING!!!

My OLD to do list:

Get up

Spend and hour with my cup of coffee and email

Survive the day

Make sure I am good and cranky when my husband gets home so he knows how hard I worked all day

TELL him how hard I worked all day

MAKE HIM make dinner

Go to bed separately

My NEW to do list:

Get up

Drink coffee while checking my work email only…takes 10 minutes.

Concentrate on what would glorify God during the day

In mid afternoon start dinner so it will probably be done in time

Pick up house so my husband doesn't trip when he gets home

Greet my husband

Eat dinner and spend time with my husband

Go to bed together


These lists are only SLIGHTLY different in that they change focus not function.  I still do all the things I used to, but with better time management AND I concentrate on glorifying God which in turn pleases my husband.  What a wonderful cycle…instead of the vicious cycle from before.  You say “that’s great for you, but my life is different.” It most likely is, but my point is that you can simply change your focus and life will change DRAMATICALLY, but only if you have the right attitude.  Learning to serve God and not man is very difficult.  I suggest you take it slowly so not to get overwhelmed and QUIT.  Be encouraged and encourage one another!



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